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Fares :
Individuals (6 to 54 Years of age) needing a ride could do so for $3.00.  Students (with a student ID) can ride for $2.00.  Under 6 ride free (must be accompanied by parent or guardian).  Individuals 55 and over and disabled persons can ride for $1.00 or may purchase a book of twelve tickets for $10.00.  If a rider needs a person as a helper, the helper rides for free.  A certified service animal rides for free, but the individual may be liable for any problem caused by the certified service animal.  Fares are charged each time you board the bus.

Questions about rides for any person should be made to the Board of Trustees and/or the Administrator/Driver.   

Hours of Service:
Dawson Transportation is available for rides from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with the exception of the holidays listed below:

 Buses do not operate on the following holidays:

New Year Martin Luther King President’s Day
Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day
Columbus Day Veteran’s Day State General Election
Thanksgiving Christmas  

Boarding the Bus: 

  • Please have your exact fare, ticket, or pass ready.

  • In the winter always check the front steps for snow or slush and hold on to the hand rail.

  • Please make front seats available for elderly or disabled passengers, or passengers with small children.

  • You must stay seated and belted when the bus is in motion.  If you must move around or stand please do so only when the bus is stopped for getting people on or off the bus.I

  • No Smoking on the bus. 

  • Please help keep the bus clean by taking all items you have carried onto the bus, this includes any garbage or papers.  Please keep your feet off the seats.


For Your Safety:

You must remain seated while the bus is in motion, you never know when the bus may have to come to a quick stop.

The following items are prohibited on Dawson Transportation buses:

• Flammable liquids, including gasoline and propane
• Fire arms, including BB guns or air guns
• Animals, with the exception of certified service animals
• Bicycles, sleds, toboggans, scooters, riding toys, etc.
• Furniture
• Lumber
• Open alcoholic beverages
• Car batteries
• Items too large or cumbersome to be held in your full control or that may obstruct another seat, the aisle or be in the way of another passenger

The following items are allowed on the buses:

• Infant or toddler car seats
• Baby strollers
• Portable shopping carts
• Walkers
• Shopping bags
• Groceries - Up to 7 bags, no more than 20 pounds per bag and no more than 2 cases of beverages
The items above have to be secured so they will not move when the bus is in motion.


Ride reservations placed a day or more in advance are encouraged and receive priority. Same day service is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and we will fit you into the schedule whenever possible although it may not be your first preference for time. Same day cannot be guaranteed. If you are needing transport to or from the airport it should be scheduled with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Due to ridership demand the bus may run 10 minutes early or up to 10 minutes late, so please be prepared early and be patient if we are a little late. There may also be other riders on the bus who need to be dropped at their destination so you may have to ride for a while. Please plan your trip accordingly to prepare for delays, we recommend 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment time.

When you make an appointment, dispatch will need the following information:

• Name
• Address to be picked up from
• Time and date of desired pick up
• Destination or destinations if more than one stop
• If you need assistance such as the lift for a wheelchair or walker


Please call dispatch to cancel any reservation if you no longer require a scheduled ride. This saves us time, keeps us on schedule and enables someone else to take that time slot if needed.

Lost and Found:
If you lose an item on the bus please call dispatch at 377-5024 as soon as you realize the item is missing.  The Urban Transportation District of Dawson County is not responsible for lost items.

Urban Transportation District of Dawson County, Glendive, Montana
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